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Ask Moonstone anytime, anywhere. Learn how to raise your vibration and unlock your true potential.

Personal readings unique to you and your path

Whether you're seeking guidance on your career, relationships, or personal growth, Moonstone helps you gain clarity and make informed decisions.

Made to empower you through your healing journey

Get meditations and affirmations, tailored to you based on your reading and your goals.

Fast, easy, all in the  palm of your hands

Two fun ways to get readings. Shuffle your own cards and tell the app what you drew. Or Moonstone will draw the cards for you.

Manifest your destiny

Deepen your relationship with the mystical powers of tarot and get guidance on how to align your energy with your deepest desires.

Take what resonates, leave what doesn't

Always remember, you are the co-creator of your life. Don't like an outcome? Manifest a change. Energy is fluid and time is an illusion. Listen to your intuition and trust yourself.

Deepen your intuition as you go

Whether you're a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a curious beginner, Moonstone will give you a holistic view and help you understand what each card means in relation to you.

You didn't hear it from us

"I absolutely love Moonstone! So easy to use and super quick. I found it to be really accurate. I was going through a really tough breakup - Moonstone helped me figure out how to process my past and open myself up to love."

Aurelija S.

“Moonstone is fire. I used to overthink about my relationship a lot and vent to my friends. Now I use Moonstone to get clarity and see what within myself I need to develop to bring in the energy I want from my partner. When we heal, those around us heal too!”

Tyler S.

“The app has helped me figure out how I can attract the career path that I want for myself and the work I have to do on myself to get into a more abundant mindset.”

Xhilda H.